Inspiring consciousness in women of all ages through bold inspired actions, heart to heart conversations, mindfulness, and healthy a lifestyle. 

The intention behind this platform is to inspire women of all ages especially teen girls to go beyond the stories they attach themselves to. Through promoting a healthy mindful lifestyle filled with yoga meditation and vulnerable open conversations. Mindfulness is a way to approach life’s challenges with a foundation of self love, forgiveness, and empowerment. This site is here to serve you through your personal journey healing and evolution.




I write lot's of blogs that are fuelled with the intention of being vulnerable open and heart felt. People tell me it brings them inspiration and all the good feels. 



Connect with me Ally Canales and learn how you and bring female empowerment workshops to your dance studio, girl guide group, or personal homes. 

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Beyond The Story is my podcast and it's jam packed with fierce conversations with incredible individuals that are truth to themselves and own their power.