Inspiring Consciousness in women of all ages through open vulnerable conversations, mindfulness, and healthy sustainable lifestyle. 

The intention behind this platform is to inspire women of all ages especially teen girls to go beyond the stories they attach themselves to. Through promoting a healthy mindful lifestyle filled with yoga mediation and vulnerable open conversations. Mindfulness is a way to approach life’s challenges with a foundation of self love, forgiveness, and empowerment. This site is here to serve you through your personal journey healing and evolution.




Writing is a huge passion of mine, ever since I was a child I had a love affair with words. I've had a journal since I was in grade three and over the years I've seen how words have the power to inspire and empower which is what this site is all about. I write blogs on a variety of different topics! Advice, personal stories and more. 

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Hey I'm Ally the creator of this platform and all the content you see on it. I'm in love with cute yoga attire, stationary, the moon, and above all helping others work through life's challenges. I'm all about keeping it real through authentic vulnerable conversations. I try to live my life with an open heart and spread love. 

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The intention behind this podcast is to inspire you to go beyond those stories you tell yourself that prevent you from living the life you truly desire and deserve. This is a space that features empowering candid conversations with amazing individuals that live their lives with authenticity and an open heart.